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LimeLife’s parent company, Alcone, has been in the professional cosmetics industry for over 60 years! This makeup was created to be used on Broadway, the Red Carpet, and on TV/Movie sets; it’s basically always made to be camera ready. Quite frankly, you can’t find better or more inclusive quality of both makeup and skincare.

Michelle, our co-CEO has said, “We are not a direct sales company who decided to go into makeup. We are professional cosmetics company that branched out into direct sales.”

With LimeLife by Alcone, an important thing to remember is that our ingredients are top notch, highly researched, and follow the value of ahimsa. They are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and Leaping Bunny certified. There are a ton of makeup and skincare brands that offer gorgeous products but LimeLife by Alcone offers results with thousands of testimonies proving skin has become clearer, makeup has become more attainable, skin has become smoother, and there are less worries about your health. We care about what goes onto your skin and into your bloodstream. This is skincare that is safe to use during pregnancies and illnesses as women (and men) from all over the world are using these products during all seasons of life.

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LimeLife by Alcone is essentially two businesses in one; both make-up and skincare. I am a firm believer that if your skincare is not on point, your makeup probably won’t be either. I’m also a huge advocate of healthy skin. Yes, our wax-based botanical foundation is amazing and will not clog pores — but there are plenty of customers that prefer a nude, natural face and get incredible results just using the skincare brand. There is something for everyone in this line and it is designed to include everyone!

In fact, inclusivity is so important that we have something to offer customers for all age groups, skin types, genders, and even regions of the world. This is the perfect company to start your teen off with, knowing that their products will be chemical-free while their hormones are most likely influencing their skin. It is also perfect for seniors or anyone with dry or mature skin, restoring elasticity and hydrating with a number of rich and healthy oils. It is even safe for women who are pregnant and those that may be undergoing treatment for life-changing illnesses as well which is a huge bonus!

When it comes to purchasing make-up, there is a large variety of shades and products to choose from. If you look at our lip care products alone, you will find four different TYPES of lip products, with a range of 10-30 shades each. There is always something new to try. We launch several different collections throughout the year and there are so many opportunities to take advantage of deals and ways to save money. There is also a 30-day Happiness Guarantee. If you are unhappy with your skincare or makeup products in any way, get in touch with Customer Service at LimfeLife by Alcone within 30 days and have your money sent back. Skincare products last anywhere between 30-90 days so customers will always come back to keep their skin clear. Some makeup items need to be replaced more often than others. The line works because it is natural, well-researched, and affordable.

LimeLife by Alcone One Drop Wonder product

For the high quality that LimfeLife by Alcone offers, its price point makes it accessible to those that need and want a higher quality skincare and makeup brand at affordable prices. The botanical foundation can last up to five or six months. Eyeshadows and blushes are so highly pigmented that they can last over a year. Sometimes customers will make a high purchase to begin with and maintain every few months or so with smaller orders. Our products work with any budget!

Circling back to inclusivity, I recently recommended LimeLife by Alcone to someone who just needed FRIENDS. Since joining LimfeLife by Alcone, I have never met such genuine and sincere women (and men) that want to empower you, cheer you on, and support total strangers. Everyone that works for LimeLife by Alcone has their own unique style and beauty. Top leaders show you their way of life and how they conduct their businesses. One of the main things I loved about LimfeLife by Alcone right off the bat was the culture. There is no “cookie cutter” mold. One of their hashtags that got me early on in social media states “#youcansitwithus.” And you can! I’ve never met a “LimeLifer” that didn’t shower me with love and lessons. Your CEO’s and leads take the time to show that they care about you; to communicate with you and guide you with training as well.

Our stacked culture means that you can ask anyone above you for tips and tricks. Whether you are asking how to apply makeup or how to sell makeup, there is no one that is ever “above you.” Feel free to ask your lead or the CEO’s themselves. Since LimeLife by Alcone is also a direct sales company and not just a staple in skincare and makeup, there are plenty of business opportunities as well if it interests you. Compensation plans are clean and easy to understand, training is thorough and refreshing, and as long as you work and keep your business working, the sky is the limit in terms of how much you can make and how far you can go. If you want to earn incentives, run a team, or rank higher than a Beauty Guide, you have the freedom to rise. If not, monthly commissions and incentives, incredible promos, live trainings, company updates, direct contact with our customer service and our CEO’s, and even travel getaways are just some of the perks to enjoy while being a Beauty Guide. Annual Palooza’s and product launch trips are hosted all over the States while other trips for campaigns or all-inclusive trips have Beauty Guides jetting to Guatemala, Mexico, or Spain!